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We next meet on Wednesday, 14th June at St. Gabriel's, Archway, North London (10.30 - 15.30) Our guest speaker is Gino Brunswijck, policy officer at the Brussels secretariat.

Directions to St. Gabriel's

For our final gathering of the year, Tuesday 7th / Wednesday 8th November, we return to the OMI Centre in Wistaston, near Crewe.


For more information and to book your place: aefjnuk@yahoo.co.uk

The Wistaston Hall Retreat Centre leaflet
(with directions on how to get there)

LATEST Africa Action Sheet!

Summer 2017

  • Brexit - Time to make Trade Fair
  • Building resilience in Burkina Faso
  • Africa at tipping point
  • Success: self-help Africa
  • Ghana at 60
  • Bankrolling a brutal regime - Eritrea



RECENT publications from our Brussels office

Echoes from AEFJN, June 2017

Trade Update, May 2017


for back copies, see under 'Issues'

2016 report


“AEFJN listens to the voice of Africa... brings this voice to the EU, and insists on the right and the responsibility of Africans to make their own policy for development”.


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We are a Christian organisation promoting life-giving economic relations between Europe and Africa. This site aims to share with you the latest information on European policies that risk making Africa's poorest even poorer and practical ideas on how to make a difference.


Economic Justice Manual

This Manual is in two parts.

Volume 1 aims to help Christian groups be effective agents of change.

Volume 2 gives detailed practical information about:
Access to Quality Medicines,
Raw materials & Corporate social responsibility,
Food sovereignty
& Land grabbing,
& Trade in Small Arms.

For more details click below:


For hard copies of the Manual write to aefjnuk@yahoo.co.uk


Highly recommended video:

Together we can cool the planet!


Produced by La Vía Campesina and GRAIN, it gives you the information you need to understand how the agro-industrial food system is impacting our climate and what we can do to change course and start cooling the planet. And every single one of us is part of the solution!

"Peace is built day by day. ... It is not an industrial product, it is an artisanal product. It is crafted every day with our work, with our life, with our closeness."

Pope Francis, May 2015